1.  What is Dipshitz? It’s a phrase we coined for the method of applying printed patterns on 3d objects and than clear coating the item to create a glossy finished product.

2.  How durable is the finish? We coat all our dipped parts with an automotive grade urethane clear coat. We have Matte, Satin, Glossy, Smoked and Candy clear coats that will protect your finish and be just as durable as an automotive paint finish and provide the finished product with UV protection.

3.  What can be Dipped?  Nearly any 3d object. Wood, metal, plastic, fibreglass, and glass parts can all be dipped.

4.  Why do I see different shades of the same pattern?  We can change the tone of the pattern by changing the color of the basecoat paint that is applied. If we use a white basecoat, the pattern will appear much lighter in colour. If we use a Tan basecoat, the pattern will be much darker. Look at some of our photos and you can see the differences.  We will work with you to determine the right shade you prefer for your object.

5.  Can you color match my paint for my interior parts? Yes, we do offer color matching for custom interior work. We can color match just about any paint code and can apply that paint under the carbon fibre or most patterns we have listed. Custom base coat paints are essential for most custom truck/car and motorcycle builders who want that custom look. Below is an example of the same carbon fibre pattern but with different base coat colours.