Hydro Graphics

Dipped GuitarOur house speciality. Using a specific process that we are certified to do by the leader in this type of application, we are able to do some of the coolest patterns on just about any paintable surface on earth. With 100’s of patterns to choose from and 1000’s of base coat colours the combinations are endless. Be it your custom bike frame or gas tank and fenders to your favourite guitar or cross bow we can customize it with a unique pattern of your choosing. With certain patterns we can change the base coat to match any colour you pick. So, for example, if you wanted Carbon Fibre dash pieces we could do the pattern to match the colour of your car!  Or how about Mahogany rims to match the interior? The possibilities are endless.

The Dipshitz process provides us with the unique ability to transfer patterns such as carbon-fibre, wood grain, marble, stone and camouflage onto your motor vehicle, aircraft parts, fashion accessories, home decor and consumer goods of all shapes and sizes and is widely used in the:

Golf Club DriverAutomotive industry
Motorcycle industry
Marine industry
Aircraft industry
Fashion industry
Sports industry
Music industry
And many more!


A wide variety of products and materials such as metals, woods, glass, plastics, fibreglass even bone can be printed. Everything from furniture, fashion accessories, motor vehicle parts and flat or 3-D objects can be processed with ease. Most items, which are not harmed by being submersed in water and do not absorb water, can be processed. We only use the highest grade materials. All items receive a durable clear coat in either a high gloss, semi-gloss, matte finish or a Candy coat as a final stage of the process.